The Untold Truth Of Hawkeye

In a world of green-skinned behemoths and hammer-swinging gods who tangle with reality-bending threats on a regular basis, it would be easy to underestimate the value that a guy with a bow and arrow could bring to a team of superheroes. Fortunately, the Avengers saw something special in Clinton Francis Barton — and ever since he joined Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in 1965’s “Avengers” vol. 1 #16, he has been consistently proving that there’s more to him than sharp eyes and steady hands.

Throughout decades of publication history, Marvel readers have witnessed the growth and evolution of the Avengers’ temperamental toxophilite. And while he (usually) isn’t capable of superhuman feats like most of his Avenging allies, his skills and bravado have been more than enough to make him a true asset on the battlefield — like that time he saved not one, but two comic book universes from total destruction. Here is the untold truth of Hawkeye, the premier superheroic marksman of the Marvel universe.

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