The Untold Truth Of Gangs Of London

A dangerous power vacuum is formed after the death of the Wallace family patriarch, leaving every gang in London scheming to seize control of the city. Large in scope yet intimate in the familial details of the city’s top crime family, “Gangs of London” chronicles a modern-day crime saga with a Shakespearean flair for tragedy. Co-created by the team of Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery, who cut their teeth making martial-arts-centric action films, this Sky TV series has no shortage of brutal fight scenes and shootouts. The action in “Gangs of London” feels unlike any television action to come before it, but why?

The production style of this series is distinctly removed from the typical television production style. The nine-episode first season of “Gangs of London” was released as a Sky original in the UK and was made available to US audiences a couple of months later through the newly launched AMC+ streaming service. There’s plenty to explore behind the scenes of this unique gangster series from unusual audition stories to doubts from the show’s creator. This is the untold truth of “Gangs of London.”

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