The Umbrella Academy: Where Does Reginald Hargreeves Come From?

One of the biggest mysteries in The Umbrella Academy is where Reginald Hargreeves comes from, as he was revealed to be an alien in season 2.

In just two seasons, The Umbrella Academy has left various mysteries, and many of them are related to Reginald Hargreeves, such as where exactly does he come from. The superhero genre has seen all types of stories so far, and the rise of this genre has also made way for other, lesser-known, and sometimes darker stories, as is the case of The Umbrella Academy. Created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, The Umbrella Academy is a series of comic books that made the jump to streaming thanks to Netflix in February 2019, quickly becoming one of the platform’s most popular titles.

The Umbrella Academy introduced the audience to the Hargreeves, seven adopted children who along with other 36 babies around the world were born on the same day, at the same time, and to women who weren’t pregnant when the day began. After hearing of this curious event, scientist and billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) set out to adopt as many of those babies as he could, but he only got seven. As the kids developed superpowers, he trained them and formed the team “The Umbrella Academy”, but Reginald wasn’t a good father, and the kids parted ways, reuniting years later for Reginald’s funeral and to stop the apocalypse. Reginald, then, wasn’t around through much of The Umbrella Academy season 1, so fans were excited to learn more about him in season 2 when the team traveled back to the 1960s, but they were left with even more questions.

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