The Transformers Trading Card Game’s Fortress Maximus Is Three Bots In One

The Transformers Trading Card Game’s “Titan Masters Attack” expansion, launching on April 17, introduces robots with heads that transform into other robots. Fortress Maximus, one of the largest, most powerful Autobots, features a head that transforms into a robot whose head also transforms into a robot. Let me explain.

Titan Masters is the name Hasbro gave its recent revival of the Headmasters Transformers toy line from the ‘80s. Headmasters were robots paired with either smaller robots or humans in robot suits, depending on the continuity, merging together to enhance the brain and brawn. Fortress Maximus, the largest Headmaster of them all, utilized the gimmick twice. His giant-sized head is a robot named Cerebros. Cerebros’ head is a robot named Emissary.

The late 80s was the best time to be a toy-obsessed child. Back then toy companies weren't afraid…

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