The State Of The PS4 And PS5 In 2020

Despite the harrowing circumstances impacting the world, 2020 was a stand-out year for PlayStation.

Over the course of 2020, Sony published more than half a dozen top-shelf games, a huge step up from last year’s scant offerings. Beyond that, the company pushed out two models of an ambitious gaming console, and boosted support for the ancillary services available for that console (and the previous one). By no means was 2020 a perfect year for Sony, as it sure wasn’t for any of us; the company can no doubt build on and improve a whole lot in 2021 and beyond. But all things considered, the past 12 months served as both a fitting farewell for one PlayStation generation and a solid start for the next.

Everyone knew it was coming. The specs were revealed in March. The controller—a hefty, Stormtrooper-white gizmo called the DualSense—in April. An initial reveal was planned for a digital event on June 4. It was delayed after protests for racial justice spread across America, following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Sony rightfully pushed the event back by a week. “Being silent about the racism and violence Black people experience is being complicit,” the company wrote in a tweet. “We stand in solidarity today and every day with the Black community.”

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