The Secrets Of WandaVision's Darkhold Spellbook Are Revealed

Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch have opened the Darkhold in Marvel Comics – revealing the truth of WandaVision’s ancient book of dark magic.

This article contains spoilers for Darkhold Alpha #1.

Marvel Comics has finally revealed the secrets of the Darkhold, the forbidden book of dark magic introduced to the MCU in WandaVision. The Darkhold is Marvel’s most sinister book of dark magic, created by the Elder God Chthon who ruled Earth but was banished from this dimension millions of years ago. But he left behind a collection of scrolls that served as a conduit for his power, a way for him to ultimately return. These were transcribed on stone, and later on to parchment, bound together into the Darkhold.

The Darkhold contains the most dangerous spells in Marvel lore. Because Chthon existed beyond time, he was able to foresee the emergence of countless creatures and potential threats, and he inscribed details of them within its pages. To name something is to gain power over it, allowing him to manipulate monsters such as the N’Garai, Hell-hounds, and even the Demogorge, a creature that literally feeds on magic. The MCU introduced its own version of the Darkhold in WandaVision, where the Book of Sins even contained details on the Scarlet Witch – suggesting that Wanda has potentially fallen under Chthon’s influence, should the “rules” of the Darkhold’s magic be similar in the MCU.

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