The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Is My New Favorite Gaming Phone

Way back in 2012, approximately three decades ago, I swapped my iPhone for a then brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note II. The large size and open-ended Android ecosystem stole me away from Apple for at least a couple of years. Now I’m back on my large phone kick with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Between its gorgeous 6.9-inch, 120 Hz display and its perfect-for-cloud-gaming 5G support, I’m good for at least another year or two.

I swear I’m not just hopping back and forth between Apple and Samsung. It’s just that every time I require the services of an Android phone (for instance, when Microsoft releases a streaming game service that doesn’t work on iOS), Samsung is right there. In fact, the press kits Microsoft sent out for this week’s launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming were custom-decorated Samsung Galaxy Note 20s.

The phone I am using is not one of those. Mine is a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze, a color just as pleasing but not as annoying as rose gold. The non-Ultra Note 20 has a flat 6.7-inch display. The slightly bigger Note 20 Ultra sports Samsung’s lovely Edge display, wrapping around the edges of the phone, with a resolution of 3088 x 1440. Enabling 120 Hz mode drops the resolution down to 2316 x 1080, but games that support faster refresh rates, like my beloved Alto’s Adventure, flow across the screen like liquid.

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