The Room: Old SinsDollhouse Is An Excellent Lego Idea

In The Room: Old Sins, players navigate a mysterious, puzzle-filled dollhouse, hoping to solve the mystery of a prominent engineer gone mad. Players find pieces of the dollhouse as they play, adding them to the build to unlock new areas. Sounds like the perfect project for the Lego Ideas program.

Submitted to the Lego Ideas website by Lego Custardkid, also known as Fireproof Games’ graphic designer Roger Schembri, The Room 4: Old Sins Dollhouse aims to bring fans their own interactive version of the game’s Waldegrave Manor. All the rooms players unlock as they play the game are present, from the fold-out garden on the ground floor to the attic up top.

It feels a little like cheating, having one of the folks who designed the house in the game recreating it in Lego for the Ideas program, in which players vote for their favorite projects and those amassing 10,000 votes are considered for production as official sets. Then again, Lego Custardkid’s behind-the-scenes knowledge led to this outstanding building, capturing the look and feel of the game in under 3,000 bricks.

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