The Razer Huntsman Mini Is An Excellent Intro To 60 Percent Keyboards

Smaller keyboards can be better keyboards. The 60 percent form factor strips away unnecessary keys and uses layers to stack important functions to create a pleasantly compact, perfectly functional and efficient keyboard. Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts have been singing the 60 percent keyboard’s praises for years. Now mainstream keyboard maker Razer gets in on the act with the new Huntsman Mini.

The $120 Mini is the latest and smallest keyboard in Razer’s popular Huntsman line. It’s an opto-mechanical keyboard, utilizing Razer’s recently-upgraded clicky purple and red linear keyboard switches. These optical switches activate using a beam of light rather than standard mechanical contact, which Razer says makes them last much longer than traditional keyboard switches. I’ve only been typing on my Huntsman Mini for a couple of weeks, so I couldn’t say.

The Huntsman Mini includes all the bells and whistles one expects of Razer’s line of gaming keyboards. It’s got that Chroma lighting. It’s programmable, supporting multiple layers of complex commands and macros. It’s just got a whole lot fewer keys.

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