The Purge's Second Season Is The Best Of The Entire Franchise

The Purge season 2 took place in the aftermath of the titular event, and it might just be the best of the entire franchise for a few reasons.

Here’s why The Purge season 2 might just be the best outing of the entire franchise. Blumhouse made its name on high-concept, low-budget horror films such as Paranormal Activity and Insidious, both of which were huge hits that launched franchises. The original Purge arrived in 2013 with the innovative – and terrifying – concept of a future where for one day a year, all crime is legal. This is so the American population can “purge” itself of violence, and the first entry sees Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey trying to shield their children from a group of masked home invaders.

The Purge received mixed reviews, but the concept alone was enough to push it towards a $90 million gross worldwide; this was especially profitable considering its $3 million budget. The Purge soon became a movie series in its own right, with subsequent sequels expanding the world and lore. The First Purge from 2018 also detailed the origin of the horrific tradition. The most recent installment was 2021’s The Forever Purge, but while this was initially billed as the final movie, The Purge 6 is back in development with Frank Grillo set to return as Leo Barnes from the second and third entries.

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