The New Xbox Wireless Headset Is A Good Option At A Great Price

I’m not a fan of wireless headsets, mainly because I’ve had some bad experiences with them. So I was hesitant about Microsoft’s fancy new $100 wireless Xbox headset. Luckily, this new headset, while not perfect, is a solid piece of gear with some nifty features and a great design.

Microsoft provided this headset ahead of release for me to review.

Visually, the headset is subdued. A bit of green on the earmuffs and a little neon Xbox-green button on the back is all the color you get. But I’m thankful for this design. So many gaming headsets are gaudy-looking and covered in logos and lights. Not so with this comfy pair of headphones. There is a light on the mic, which might sound like a bad idea, but in practice I barely noticed it. (And you can dim or turn it off if you want.) The light indicates if your mic is muted or not, a nifty little touch. Another smart design element is how you control the volume. The plastic discs attached to each earmuff spin, with one controlling game and party chat balance and the other controlling the overall volume. They feel nice to move. I spent way too much time spinning them. It was weird.

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