The Medium: The Kotaku Review

The Medium is stuck between two types of video games. It seems like a throwback to classic, claustrophobic horror titles such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but it also feels like a more modern non-combat, narrative-focused scary game. The end result is a game that feels middle of the road. This is disappointing, because it contains some great ideas and has a strong second half. But too much of the game buries these bright spots under stretches of boredom.

(This review was originally published on Jan. 27, 2021. With the release of The Medium on PS5 we’ve updated and republished our original review.)

Developed by Bloober Team, the horror specialists behind Layers of Fear and the recent Blair Witch game, The Medium is something different. Where those previous games were focused on first-person gameplay, The Medium is a third-person game that uses static camera angles, giving the game a retro-feel. Adding to this feeling, the entire storyline of the game is set in Poland during the late-90s when classic survival horror games like Silent Hill were popular.

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