The MCU Just Proved The Biggest Problem With The Eternals

Ultron’s attack on Earth in Marvel’s What If…? episode 8 just exposed the biggest problem with the MCU’s next big superhero team, the Eternals.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel’s What If…? episode 8.

Ultron’s attack in Marvel’s What If…? just proved the biggest problem with the Eternals in the MCU. The Eternals, who are supposedly the most powerful heroes around, have yet to make a splash in the MCU. After centuries of inactivity, the team will be forced to rise up against the Deviants in the MCU’s next movie, Eternals.

It was established long ago in Jack Kirby’s original Eternals comic book series in the 1970s that this race of superhuman immortals has successfully remained hidden from humanity for thousands of years by standing on the sidelines when wars were raging and other catastrophes occurred. Though they have the power to stop these tragedies, they made a pact with the Celestials not to interfere in the affairs of humans, because the Celestials are scientists who wanted to see what would happen if human society progressed naturally. While a specific reason hasn’t been revealed yet, trailers for Marvel’s Eternals movie have confirmed that the MCU’s adaptation of the team adheres to the same policy.

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