The Matrix 4 Suggests Morpheus vs Neo Isn't Even A Close Fight Anymore

Footage from the Matrix Resurrections trailer suggests that Neo will beat Morpheus easily in a fight. Here’s why that makes sense for the new film.

Footage from The Matrix Resurrections confirms that a fistfight between Neo and his mentor Morpheus is nowhere near as close as it was in the original film. The new movie, which features Keanu Reeves returning to perhaps his most iconic role, is the subject of intense speculation, with notable actors being replaced and key roles seemingly absent. However, thanks to the first trailer, it’s clear that The One remains an incredibly powerful combatant capable of besting even someone as skilled as Morpheus in one-to-one combat.

In the first movie, Morpheus acts as both a mentor and an instructor to Neo, revealing the truth about the Matrix as well as how Neo can manipulate the mechanics of the alternate reality. It’s thanks to Morpheus’ training that Neo discovers his powers and is ultimately able to assume the mantle of The One. While later films make it clear that Neo is arguably the most powerful being within the Matrix, initially at least, Morpheus is able to beat him in a fistfight. However, as footage from the upcoming film makes clear, this is not the case this time around.

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