The Joker is Fighting Climate Change Instead of Batman

In Batman: The World, the Joker uses his particular brand of chaos to help a group of German climate change activists save the environment.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for “A Better Tomorrow” from Batman: The World

It turns out the Joker may not want to watch the world burn after all, as a recent Batman story from DC Comics sees him inspired to help a group of German climate change activists take down those hurting the environment. While the story, which appears in the international anthology Batman: The World, may not be canon, it is still refreshing to see the Joker get passionate about something other than mayhem and chaos.

Batman: The World is a collection of 14 comic stories that each take place in a different country, with every individual story written and drawn by creators from that country. The German contribution, “A Better Tomorrow,” is written by Benjamin von Eckartsberg with art by Thomas von Kummant. The story sees two climate change activists, Reinhard and Hannah, arriving at a chemical company CEO’s cabin in the Bavarian Alps, where they encounter the Crown Prince of Crime. Joker really embraces his new German surroundings, dressing his henchmen up as Perchten, creatures from local folklore. He also excitedly proclaims that “the Germans are so sensible and joyless. They need the Joker!

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