The Harder They Fall: Every Real-Life Historical Figure

Netflix’s The Harder They Fall uses the names of real historical figures and tells a fictional story. So who were the real people behind those names?

Netflix’s new movie The Harder They Fall boasts a lot of real-life historical figures in its character list. The film bills itself as a “new school western” and promises to be filled with quips and over-the-top action sequences. However, it seems that the story departs from historical events, so who were the real historical people behind the characters in The Harder They Fall?

The movie follows Nat Love (Jonathan Majors), a retired outlaw, as he brings his gang back together to seek revenge on the man that killed his parents. That man is Rufus Buck (Idris Elba) who has just been freed from a prison train by his gang. As the two groups fight it out, other characters get caught up in the middle of things with their own agents, such as Delroy Lindo’s Bass Reeves.

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