The Guilty: Every Twist Explained In Detail

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Netflix thriller The Guilty includes multiple twists in its ending. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what happens to Joe Baylor.

Netflix’s thriller The Guilty starring Jake Gyllenhaal has a twist-filled ending, and here’s a breakdown of the movie’s different twists. The film is a remake of a Danish movie by the same name that received stellar reviews in 2018. Gyllenhaal partnered up with Antoine Fuqua for the American remake of The Guilty, which also reviewed positive reviews ahead of its limited theatrical release and wide rollout on Netflix.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Joe Baylor in The Guilty and is in almost every single shot of the crime thriller. The movie follows Joe’s last night shift as a 911 call operator, which begins with him handling a series of calls ranging from theft to drug use. However, Joe’s night changes drastically once he gets a call from a distressed Emily Leighton (Riley Keough). Joe figures out that Emily has been abducted by her ex-husband Henry (Peter Sarsgaard) and becomes determined to do whatever he can from behind his desk to help locate and save her. This includes talking to Emily and Henry’s daughter and calling in some favors with his former partner and lieutenant.

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