The Flash's Daughter Just Went On Her First Mission

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ The Flash, Wally West’s simple outing with his daughter Irey turns into her first mission in her heroic career.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Flash #774

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ The Flash, Wally West’s daughter Irey just had her first mission as a hero, in spite of her dad’s objections. While the two of them had intended to go on a simple outing together, it was interrupted by a hard-to-ignore nightmare elephant charging through the city. Eager to be just like her dad, Irey leaped at the chance to help, serving as the origin of the future heroics Wally recently saw thanks to the Speed Force.

Dr. Nightmare, the disgruntled ex-Terrifictech scientist, created a way to bring dreams to life. However, he chose to only focus on nightmares in order to get back at his former colleagues, intending to steal his experiments back. Despite using a sleeping gas in his scheme to put those nearby to sleep, Irey and Wally West were still awake, though too tired to use their powers. Regardless, Irey reminded her dad that he once told her that being a hero was more than just having powers, convincing the Flash to let her help.

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