'The Bodyguard' Remake Screenwriter Matthew Lopez Reveals More Details About His Script, Including a Latina Protagonist

Lopez’s take on ‘The Bodyguard’ will follow an up-and-coming artist rather than an established pop star.

The early '90s classic The Bodyguard, starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, will be getting a remake from one of the most prestigious playwrights in the entertainment industry. Matthew Lopez recently sat down in an interview with Variety to talk about his historic Tony Award win for Best Play, the way Latiné (his preferred alternative to “Latinx”) people have been treated in Hollywood, and, of course, The Bodyguard remake.

“I wanted the protagonist to be Latina,” Lopez said, when asked about how he approached the project when Warner Bros. approached him about a remake. Surprisingly, they agreed. The story is also taking a different, modern-day tone compared to its source material. In the original movie, Houston's character played a fictional version of her real-life self: a well-established music star in need of a bodyguard. Lopez's twist, however, focuses on today's instant gratification, social media world, and how it can literally make someone a celebrity overnight. In Lopez's words:

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