The Billy Eichner Comedy Hidden Gem You Can Watch On Hulu

Everybody has spent a lot of time in front of the television over the past couple years, fritting away the hours of lockdown. For many people, a small silver lining amid the horrors of a global pandemic has been the opportunity to finally catch up on their favorite shows (and maybe even get the chance to start watching that one drama about rich people everyone’s been talking about). 

However, even though streaming services may feel like an overflowing river of content, many people feel the spring has run dry. Maybe “Squid Game” doesn’t seem like your thing, and the idea of rewatching “Mad Men” again makes you want to take a long nap. Don’t give up: While not every show worth watching gets the kind of attention that allows it to stand out from the pack, streaming platforms are full of diamonds buried beneath mountains of content. That’s why it’s thrilling to find a show like the one starring Billy Eichner that is currently taking viewers by surprise on Hulu, an oft-missed gem of a series with a whopping 88% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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