The Best Rhythm Game Controller Is A Keyboard, Specifically This One

To make up for all those times I used a console gamepad to play first-person shooters on PC, I’ve purchased a mechanical keyboard specifically designed for playing rhythm games on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It’s called the K28 Keyboard Style Controller, and it is almost perfect.

A mechanical keyboard is the absolute shizz for any game that requires rhythmic tapping. The clickety-clack or thunkity-thunk (depending on which keyboard switches you use) provide the perfect physical and aural feedback to help keep time with music. If you’re playing PC rhythm games, any keyboard will do. Consoles can be a bit tricky, sometimes requiring adapters to be able to properly map a keyboard as a controller instead of just a more convenient way to enter a password or DLC code.

The K28, launched late last year by rhythm game hardware specialists GAMO2, is a keyboard designed specifically for playing rhythm games on console and PC. It features 28 keyboard keys with strong PBT keycaps and a choice of linear red or tactile brown switches. There’s an LED screen in the center, which flashes when buttons are pressed. The screen is also used to select from the unit’s 11 preset configurations or to help users create their own.

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