The Best Reactions To Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp Going Down

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all went down at the same time, leaving internet users to do what they do best: Make a bunch of silly memes.

Facebook — alongside the key services it owns such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus — are down, and the internet is having a field day with it. Facebook says that it is aware of an issue that is preventing users from accessing its services, and that it was looking to resolve the problem as soon as possible. And oh, the tweet mentions that Facebook was feeling apologetic about the inconvenience. Well, it looks like social media is not very forgiving, especially when it comes to a company that has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons lately.

Needless to say, with Instagram in sleep mode, users have thronged to Twitter to express all forms of emotion. And one of those users includes founder and CEO Jack Dorsey himself. Retweeting a user’s post that says someone actually put the domain for sale, Dorsey cheekily expressed his interest in buying the coveted domain name. Interestingly, Twitter’s market cap is over 20 times less than that of Facebook. Where Dorsey is going to get all that money is only known to him and the internet gods. One user tweeted that Twitter is shouldering the load of an audience that has apparently gone bananas with Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp going down. And it seems about right at the moment.

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