The Best Headset Microphones Can Attach To Any Headphones

It’s not easy to find a gaming headset with a microphone anywhere near broadcast quality. It is, however, easy to add a broadcast quality headset mic to any existing pair of headphones, thanks to Antlion Audio’s series of ModMics.

The ModMic series is the answer to a problem I’ve been dealing with for years. Headset microphones aren’t good. I’ve gone through dozens of gaming headsets over the past decade, and only one or two of them have microphones I’d consider using for streaming or recording. I normally supplement my gaming headsets with a full-size USB or XLR microphone, wishing I had a viable all-in-one solution. ModMics, standalone capsule microphones that attach to existing headphones or headsets, are a wish come true.

There are three different models of ModMic currently. The $50 ModMic Uni is the entry-level ModMic. It’s not considered studio quality, but it does feature noise cancellation and is compatible with just about everything. The $80 ModMic USB, which I tested, switches between studio quality and noise canceling on-the-fly. As the name implies it does require a USB connection and it is wired, so be mindful of adding an additional cable running from your head to your computer. I’ve been using it with wireless headphones, defeating the purpose of wireless headphones.

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