The best gel mattresses of 2021

Gel brings a springy, cool feel to traditional foam mattresses. Here are eight of the best gel mattresses you can find this year.

Many of today’s most innovative mattresses contain gel, whether as a layer on its own or infused into a type of memory foam called gel foam. Gel imparts key features like supportive pressure relief, reduced motion transfer, cooling properties, enhanced breathability and added buoyancy.

When you shop, you’ll find gel in all-foam as well as hybrid mattresses — either fully integrated into the foam or layered into separate sections. Since gel provides temperature regulation, it’s most often found in or near the top layer of mattresses. Gel foam generally contains either poured gel, swirled gel or gel microbeads, and the gel is often combined with something called a “phase-change material,” which helps regulate both heat and cooling even further. 

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