The best fight sticks in 2021

You don’t need one of the best fight sticks to enjoy playing arcade-style fighting games. However it’s closer to the original arcade machine experiences these games originally had, plus can be a more straightforward way of executing special moves and combos.

While playing titles like Street Fighter, Guilty Gear or Tekken with a gamepad is still effective all the way up to the professional level, using a traditional arcade layout puts the controls exactly where you want them to be. They’ll take some getting used to in-game, let alone trying to navigate menus with one, but performing special moves with precise inputs or just mashing the chunky buttons is an experience worth trying out.

Our selection of the best fight sticks below offers something to all kinds of players, no matter your console or budget. Some of them work with the PS5 and Xbox Series X too, so you won’t have to change sticks when you upgrade to a next-gen console.

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