The Best Episode Of Chicago Fire, According To IMDb

NBC’s “One Chicago” franchise has been a huge hit for the network since its 2012 debut. Its flagship series, “Chicago Fire,” regularly dominates its time slot and reliably brings in viewers every Wednesday night. Per The Hollywood Reporter, it looks as if the show’s 10th season will be no different — “Chicago Fire” was the fourth most-watched program in Live + 3 ratings during NBC’s premiere week of September 19-25. Any way you slice it, fans just adore the trials and tribulations of the paramedics, rescue squad members, and firemen who make up the show’s motley crew of characters. The creative and well-directed stunt work on “Chicago Fire” helps to add spice to the suspense-heavy mix of action and drama it serves up every week. The end result is a popular program with fans of all ages.

Fans definitely seem to have their favorites, with 10 seasons and almost 200 episodes of “Chicago Fire” to choose from. Those voting on the show’s IMDb page have crowned one specific episode the best of the whole series. Which one do they think is the cream of the crop?

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