The Best Amazon Alexa Skills

Alexa has stolen the hearts and minds of the tech world in a way we haven’t seen since the iPhone in 2007. It all started several years ago with Amazon’s Echo, a smart speaker with a built-in audio-control interface named Alexa. Say that name—the “wake word”—and the speaker comes to life, follows commands, and replies to queries. It’s been compared enough to the shipboard computer on Star Trek’s USS Enterprise that Amazon eventually allowed “computer” as a wake word (along with the existing options of saying “Amazon” or “Echo”) to get Alexa’s attention. Amazon is also making follow-up commands easier.

There are now more Alexa-enabled devices than ever, from the Echo itself to the Amazon Echo Dot( at Amazon), the more portable Amazon Tap($59.99 at Amazon), and the Amazon Echo Look. There are even Amazon Echo Buttons that work with your speaker and the Amazon Echo Connect, which turns your speaker into a landline phone.

It’s also supported in the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote media hubs and is moving into many others, including appliances and vehicles. It’s all due to the power of Alexa.

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