The Art Of Victoria 3

I had mixed feelings about Paradox’s latest grand strategy game, Victoria 3, because for everything cool and funny and interesting it managed to pull off it was as much saddled by an obsession with some truly boring, broken stuff. One thing I loved at first play and will appreciate until the end of time, though, is the game’s art.

As we saw with Crusader Kings III, with its lavish loading screens and in-game artwork, the days of Paradox games shipping with underwhelming art are long behind us. Victoria 3 is a lovely game to behold, in almost every respect, from its deeply appropriate menu interface to its 3D world map to the illustrations that breathe life into every crisis and decision you have to face as leader of a 19th-century nation. As I said in my review:

Victoria 3's map is beautiful, a globe bristling with colour and variety and an ever-changing landscape as cities and railroads expand over the decades.

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