Terminator Resistance Harkens Back To When The Franchise Ruled

Terminator: Resistance is another Terminator game, and those have been mostly awful. But I was surprised to find that this hidden gem isn’t a boring Call of Duty clone as the screenshots implied, but actually a remake of the classic Terminator shooters Bethesda developed back in the 90s. And it made Terminators scary again, something I didn’t think was possible.

There have been a lot of bad Terminator games, and a lot of bad Terminator films! That’s why I never paid much attention to 2019’s Terminator: Resistance, along with its bland name and ho-hum screenshots on Steam. But after it came out I saw people praising it, comparing it to some classic Terminator games, and even enjoying it. So for Backlog Month, I decided it was the perfect time to jump in and give this game a fair shake.

A quick bit of history for those of you who don’t know about the old Bethesda-developed Terminator PC games: Back in 1995, Bethesda developed Terminator: Future Shock, a semi-open world shooter featuring textured 3D graphics, drivable vehicles, and mouselook. It was impressive stuff for the 90s, especially when you consider it was released before Quake. A lot of elements and ideas from Future Shock and its 1996 sequel SkyNet carried on into Bethesda’s Fallout games, such as managing rads, exploring a post-apocalyptic world from a first-person perspective, and having lots of interior spaces to explore. In the decades that followed, most Terminator games released after these two PC games were bad or at best mediocre. There’s always been a small group of people out there who have a fondness for SkyNet and Future Shock and who have long wanted a proper remake or sequel. In 2019 they got Resistance, a spiritual sequel to those classic games.

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