Ted Lasso: Why Nate’s Betrayal Is Worse Than Rebecca’s From Season 1

Nate betrayed his mentor Ted Lasso in a deeply personal attack during season 2, which is far worse than Rebecca’s treachery in season 1.

Rebecca may have schemed a hurtful betrayal in Ted Lasso season 1, but Nate’s season 2 treachery is far worse for its personal nature. Ted Lasso is far and above about the kindness in humanity, personal accountability for wrongdoings, and the hope to grow into more thoughtful human beings, so it’s difficult when one of the characters moves in the opposite direction. It also hurts a little worse when the Ted Lasso character intentionally betraying his friends is the one who was the biggest underdog in season 1.

Aside from trying to kick AFC Richmond’s losing streak, Ted Lasso season 1’s major conflict was that Rebecca was secretly using Ted as a way to make the club fail, plotting for him and Richmond to lose at every turn. Rebecca eventually sees the error in her ways and even proves that her treachery wasn’t about Ted at all, it was that she wanted to get back at her cheating ex-husband who continually embarrassed her. Ted’s persistent optimism and kindness got to Rebecca, and she turned around realizing revenge wasn’t necessary or healthy. Rebecca took accountability and apologized to Ted after regretting her ruthless actions while deciding to move forward by becoming friends and putting faith in him to make the club a success.

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