Ted Lasso Just Got Rid Of The Show’s Most Interesting Relationship

Ted Lasso just got rid of the most interesting relationship in season 2, and it will be interesting to see how one of the characters handles the loss.

Season 2 of Ted Lasso just got rid of the show’s most interesting relationship. Season 2, episode 11, “Midnight Train to Royston,” sees Ted (Jason Sudeikis) say goodbye to Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles), the team’s sports psychologist. After Ted plans a surprise going away party for her, Dr. Sharon unexpectedly has to leave a day early and departs without saying goodbye in person. This causes Ted to confront her at her home where, after swapping words and Ted reading the goodbye letter that Sharon had left for him, the two make nice and go for some drinks at the local pub before Sharon has to catch her train.

It’s seemingly the end of a complex relationship between Ted Lasso and Dr. Sharon. The two characters have helped each other a great deal over the course of the season and they’ve served as one of the show’s most interesting and unpredictable friendships. Ted initially judges Sharon and her profession despite his dire need for aid, resulting in several emotional outbursts and numerous unsuccessful therapy sessions. Sharon, likewise, struggles to open herself up to Ted which only serves to perpetuate the distance between them. Ultimately, the two manage to break through each other’s barriers to become quite close, with Sharon helping Ted come to terms with his past and feelings, and Ted helping Sharon to become a more practiced psychologist.

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