Tales Of Arise: The Kotaku Review

Dozens of hours into Tales of Arise, a new role-playing game from Bandai Namco, one of your party members asks, “Is it over?”

It’s a fair question. By then, you’ve fully traversed the game’s world. You’ve collected the requisite five MacGuffins. And at long last, you take down the big bad—defeating him not just once but, in keeping with the Final Boss Accords, overcoming his secondary, magnitudes-more-powerful form, too. That double-header is followed by a thrilling, exquisitely choreographed cutscene and a few mind-boggling plot twists that seem primed to set up a sequel. Pretty much everything about the sequence indicates that, if Tales of Arise isn’t over yet, it’s definitely about to be, right?

“No,” another party member responds. “It’s only just begun.”

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