Tales of Arise Announces Sword Art Online DLC

Bandai Namco has announced a somewhat surprising Tales of Arise downloadable content (DLC) pack featuring content from the Sword Art Online franchise that is set to release very soon on October 7th. And while it does bring in new outfits for characters like Alphen, Shionne, and Law like one might expect from a Tales of DLC pack, it does much more than that.

More specifically, the new Sword Art Online Collaboration Pack, which is a paid DLC, for Tales of Arise allows players to fight Kirito and Asuna from the Sword Art Online, the aforementioned outfits, the ability to obtain Kirito’s iconic weapons, and an exclusive Mystic Arte. While it is known when it will release, the exact price of the DLC has not yet been announced.

You can check out a trailer featuring the goodies from the Sword Art Online Collaboration Pack for Tales of Arise below:

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