Syncwire Universal Car Phone Holder review

The Syncwire Universal Car Phone Holder holds phones pretty well. But it’s let down by its reliance on using stickers to attach itself to your dashboard – and they just don’t do a great job of it.

Price: $17
Wireless Charging: No
Color: Black
Orientation: Phones can be attached any way you like
Design: Magnetic, with 3M stickers

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stick your phone holder to your car’s dashboard. In many ways, it’s a great idea — it keeps a vent free and you can put it almost anywhere. But that only works if you have a flat surface to hand. And that surface has to be smooth. As modern cars become ever-more-curvy, flat and smooth surfaces are increasingly hard to come by. But can the Syncwire Universal Car Phone Holder’s super-strong magnets make up for its problematic installation?

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