Superman's Death is So Much Darker in DC's Milestone Universe

Superman’s death was one of the biggest events in the DC Universe, but his death in the Milestone Universe was much darker and disturbing.

Spoilers ahead for Icon and Rocket Season One #3!

While Superman’s death in the main DC universe was grim, it is nothing compared to his death in the Milestone Universe. In Icon and Rocket Season One #3, readers see more of the enigmatic Icon’s past, and learn that his adversary, the mysterious Mr. Lord, once brutally murdered an alien bearing a strong resemblance to Clark Kent.

Icon was part of the first wave of titles offered by Milestone Media in the early 1990s; the line’s goal was to bring more diversity to comics by focusing on BIPOC characters. Icon is over 200 years old, an alien who crash-landed on a plantation in Northern Georgia in the 1840s, after the ship he was traveling on was attacked by terrorists. His escape pod was found by a slave couple, and when they touched it, it reconfigured Icon’s DNA to match that of a human. In Milestone’s original incarnation, Icon did not involve himself in human affairs until he met his future sidekick Rocket, who challenged him to use his powers to better the world. However, when the character returned as part of a reinvigorated Milestone earlier this year, his history was extensively rewritten. Now, readers learn, Icon had been active since arriving on Earth, covertly ending the Civil War, among other actions. But along the way he has made some powerful enemies, including Mister Lord, who killed a young version of Superman.

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