Superman Was Just Kicked Out Of The Justice League (For Good Reason)

Superman was just booted from the Justice League following how he handled the Genesis Fragment – but the Man of Steel isn’t done fighting.

Warning! Spoilers for Action Comics #1035 by DC Comics below

In a shocking turn of events, Superman was just given the boot from the Justice League. In Action Comics #1035, the superteam informs the Man of Steel that his decision to take the Genesis Fragment made enemies of both the Atlanteans and the U.S.Govenment. While Superman took the powerful cosmic artifact to ensure nobody else would get hurt by it, his actions cost him a spot on the superteam (for now).

One of the ongoing conflicts in Philip Kennedy Johnson, Daniel Sampere, Adriano Lucas, and Dave Sharpe’s current run on Action Comics is the surprise arrival of Thao-La and a group of Kryptonian refugees. In Mongul’s Warzoons’ chase of the refugees, their ship is wrecked in the ocean, leading the Atlanteans to discover the Genesis Fragment. After Mongul’s forces kill all of the refugees except Thao-La, Kal-El decided to take things into his own hands. Unfortunately, the Genesis Fragment causes conflict between the US Navy and the Atlanteans, leading Superman to take the object and fly away before either force could use its immense power in an attack.

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