Superman is Finally Living Up to His Most Forgotten Nickname

Superman’s identity as the Man of Tomorrow reflects his aspirational nature, but Superman and the Authority #3 imbues it with a sharply critical angle

Warning: spoilers for Superman and the Authority #3 are ahead. 

Over the course of his publication history, Superman has gone by a number of nicknames in DC Comics. Big Blue, The Man of Steel, and the Last Son of Krypton are all names that describe aspects about his character’s heroism. But one that has been under-utilized over the years, the Man of Tomorrow, has finally been made relevant again in Grant Morrison’s ongoing Superman and the Authority series. Thus far, Superman and the Authority has explored how the current state of the world requires both divergent thinking and unconventional heroes, bringing one of Superman’s oldest nicknames to new significance.

In Superman and the Authority #3, Manchester Black accuses Superman of wanting things to go back to the Silver Age when the latter suggests that they avoid killing their enemies (written by Grant Morrison, art by Mikel Janín and Travel Foreman, colors by Jordie Bellaire and Alex Sinclair, letters by Steve Wands). Superman defends himself by saying that, “As far as I can see, young people like my son are more responsible and serious about social issues than we ever were. I’m encouraging you to use your powers in conjunction with your imaginations to avoid casualties, that’s all.”

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