Supergirl Season 6 Clip Shows Alex & Kelly’s Crimefighting Relationship

Alex and Kelly’s crimefighting relationship gets the spotlight in a new, exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Supergirl season 6.

A promotional clip from Supergirl season 6 offers an exclusive look at Alex and Kelly’s crimefighting romance. Throughout The CW show’s sixth season, the character of Kelly Olsen, portrayed by Azie Tesfai, has undergone an immensely strong story arch, developing from a psychiatrist working off-field for the Superfriends to a strong-willed vigilante who took up her brother’s mantle of Guardian. Alongside this personal development, Kelly’s budding romance with Supergirl’s sister, Alex Danvers, portrayed by Chyler Leigh, has been another major plot point throughout the past two seasons, and the two only continue to grow alongside each other as the sixth season continues.

The seasons’ recent twelfth episode, titled “Blind Spots,” saw Kelly standing up for National City’s undermined community and fully embracing her role as the Guardian. She was also able to hold others, such as Supergirl and Alex, accountable for their neglect towards her community within the city, paving the way for a strong episode centered on social justice. Now joining the Superfriends as a full-time member in the field for the remainder of the season, Kelly is now able to shine alongside other heroes as a strong example of a voice for the voiceless within National City.

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