Stranger Things: The Best Possible Spinoffs (& Which Will Likely Happen)

Netflix teasing the possibility of Stranger Things spinoffs has led fans to ask which characters are likely to get their own show, and which should.

Netflix’s co-CEO recently teased the prospect of multiple Stranger Things spinoffs, but what shows could come from the series, and which would be the best story for the streaming service to explore? Stranger Things has been a huge hit since the series debuted in 2016. Combining gory sci-fi horror with nostalgic dramedy, it is easy to see why the Stephen King-influenced series has built such a large fanbase.

However, Stranger Things was never intended to last forever, and the nature of its coming-of-age story means the cast is rapidly aging out of their roles. Luckily, the end of Stranger Things does not need to be the end of the show’s universe, as Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos recently teased the possibility of spinoffs from the series. Meanwhile, Stranger Things season 4’s latest trailer proved that spinoffs of the show could work.

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