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While plenty of games over the last few years have let lightsaber and blaster fans live out their dreams, it’s been a while since a big Star Wars game focused exclusively on starships and space combat. Thankfully for more dogfight-obsessed fans, the newly released Star Wars: Squadrons lets you become an ace pilot for both the Empire and the New Republic. But while the narrative, space combat, and Star Wars details are strong, some bugs and multiplayer issues add a little turbulence to an otherwise smooth flight.

Squadrons takes a different approach to storytelling than most recent Star Wars games, allowing you to create custom pilots for both the Empire and New Republic. This is great for folks who want to be themselves in a Star Wars story; it does drive my canon-obsessed brain mad, but that’s a dumb and trivial complaint. A more important criticism is that because your character is totally custom you rarely speak, and only get referred to by your callsign. This means the story of Squadrons is really about the other characters, on both sides of the conflict.

As the game begins, your character’s flying a mission to kill some Alderaanian refugees, who no longer have a planet after that famous scene from A New Hope. These are innocent people just looking for a home. It’s all too much for veteran Imperial pilot Lindon Javes, who defects mid-mission, attacking you and your squad and helping the rebels and refugees escape. One of his squadron mates, Terisa Kerrill, betrayed and hurt by his defection, vows to kill him.

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