Squid Game’s Creator Teases The Big Conflict We Could See In Season 2

Netflix’s “Squid Game” hasn’t even been out a month yet and people are already clamoring for a second season. The intoxicating survival drama ended its first season with several major cliffhangers, which have left viewers wondering what could be next for the South Korean series? 

Since debuting on September 17, “Squid Game” has become a major non-English language hit for Netflix. The series is currently on pace to become the service’s most-streamed show of all time (via CNet), and even managed to capture the #1 spot in all 90 countries that the streaming service is offered in (via Forbes). Indeed, the impact that “Squid Game” has had on audiences has been immense, with many linking its societal themes and central premise to various real-life issues and problems going on in the world today. Unsurprisingly, writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk seems to recognize the show’s thematic relevance and may even emphasize it further if given the chance to make a second season of “Squid Game.”

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