Squid Game: Why The Henchmen Were Harvesting Organs (& Who For?)

Netflix’s new Korean thriller Squid Game features a group of rogue henchmen and one of the game’s players harvesting the organs of dead bodies.

One of the more curious subplots in Netflix’s new Korean survivor thriller Squid Game revolves around a group of rogue guards and an underground organ harvesting ring that left many viewers wondering exactly what was going on. Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the surrealist bloodbath has turned into the season’s biggest sensation, and is currently on track to becoming one of Netflix’s most watched shows of all time, despite the extra-large dose of graphic violence that earns every bit of the show’s mature rating.

Throughout the series, Squid Game‘s brightly costumed henchmen are used for everything from food distribution to body collecting to breaking up fights in the bunker, and many are even tasked with killing the losing players. Rank is determined by the symbol on their mask — circles are the grunts, triangles have the guns, and squares seem to essentially be the foremen of the group. A simple set of rules makes sure the masks stay on at all times, and no one is allowed to speak to the rank above them without first being invited to so, ensuring complete anonymity at all times.

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