Squid Game Subtitles vs. English Dub: Which You Should Watch

Netflix’s Squid Game is taking the world by storm, but for those viewers who don’t speak Korean, is it better with the English dub or with subtitles?

Netflix’s latest hit series Squid Game is taking the world by storm, but for English speakers who can’t enjoy the show in its original Korean, are subtitles or the English dub the better way to watch? Over the past few years, Netflix has substantially stepped up its international and non-English production efforts, many of which have yielded success across language barriers. Squid Game is the latest in that trend, following other hits like Money Heist and Lupin.

The question of dubs vs. subtitles is often a point of contention for popular foreign-language movies and shows. Some viewers prefer to take in the story without having to read subtitles because it allows them to focus more on the action and body language on the screen, while others prefer to hear the original actors deliver their lines. The Squid Game cast is packed with talented stars both young and old, so the decision of how to enjoy their performances is significant.

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