Squid Game Season 2 Update Teased By Netflix

Netflix has given an update on the status of Squid Game season 2, teasing big things to come for the smash-hit Korean drama in the future.

Netflix has released an update on the status of Squid Game season 2, commenting on the chances and timeline for the smash-hit Korean series getting a second chapter. While Netflix has had significant international success in the past with non-English shows like Lupin and Money Heist, nothing has compared to Squid Game, which is set to become the streamer’s biggest series ever. That level of success would seem to demand a Squid Game season 2, but will it happen?

The end of Squid Game season 1 certainly leaves enough loose ends hanging to generate more story in a potential Squid Game season 2. Much of the lore and history surrounding the deadly competition is left shrouded in mystery, leaving some major storylines open for continuation in the future. However, Squid Game’s unprecedented popularity on Netflix couldn’t possibly have been anticipated, so the plan for the franchise’s future surely looks quite different now than it did when Squid Game first aired.

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