Squid Game Easter Eggs That Predicted The Eliminations

If it seems like all your friends, all your coworkers, and everyone on your Twitter feed has watched “Squid Game,” you wouldn’t be wrong. The Korean drama quickly rose to popularity following its September 17th premiere, becoming the #1 show on Netflix is a staggering 90 different countries, as reported by Forbes.

“Squid Game” is a clear commentary on class divides in our modern world, and how the rich ignore the sufferings of the poor at best–and at worst, actively delight in it. The series centers around a man named Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) who is desperate to pay off his debt and evade the punishment of some vengeful loan sharks, and as we find out, the rest the Squid Game contestants are plagued with equal financial woes. Gi-hun, however, is the one who emerges from the game victorious — and richer, to the tune of $46.5 billion Korean won (approximately $38.4 million USD). The rest of the contestants are killed throughout the course of the game. As some eagle-eyed fans of the show have pointed out, the deaths of some of our favorite characters were actually foreshadowed earlier in the series. Curious to learn more? We have all the important details.

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