Spider-Man’s New Handlers Really Want Him To Become a Vampire

Spider-Man has finally gone corporate, and his new supervisors want him to become more powerful – even if it means getting bit by a vampire.

Warning: contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #78!

For most of his history, Spider-Man often had to face supervillains alone, attacking enemies and facing evil without a support system or even friends (because the few friends Peter Parker had never knew he was Spider-Man). But with the release fo the new series Spider-Man Beyond (already part of the Amazing Spider-Man title), a new man wears the mask: Ben Reilly, the long-forgotten clone of Peter Parker. This new Spider-Man works with an entire support staff in the form of a company – which is willing to risk his life as they actively want Ben to be bitten by Morbius, the Living Vampire.

In Spider-Man: Beyond, Ben Reilly works for the Beyond Corporation, a company that has bought up all of Parker Industries (Peter’s old company which he ran into the ground; he was not exactly the best businessman). Thus, the Beyond Corporation owns all the rights to Spider-Man – and is even willing to sue other costumes heroes like Miles Morales who “illegally” use Spider-Man’s likeness and name). Ben finds himself fighting Peter’s old villains, including Morbius who savagely bites Ben in the neck at the end of the previous issue.

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