Spider-Man Reveals Controversial Story Editors Forced Him To Kill

Writer Dan Slott once revealed Marvel Comics editors talked him out of writing a story deemed too controversial, starring Nazi bees.

Not every story idea is a winner, and Spider-Man writer Dan Slott realized that his editors made the right decision to ax a planned storyline that featured the web-slinger fighting against Nazi and bees. As Newsarama recalls, Marvel editors once shot down a storyline featuring the villain Swarm and what happened to the honey the bee-bad guy created. Slott’s idea? That the honey turned those who ate it into Nazis. The writer recounted years later the idea was a mistake.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Swarm is originally Fritz Von Meyer, a former Nazi who was one of Adolf Hitler’s top scientists. However, following the end of World War II, he was devoured by a group of bees, which transformed his body into a swarm of honey-producing insects. Over time, Swarm has prominently been a Spider-Man villain who’s fought against a handful of other Marvel heroes. However, as part of his run on The Amazing Spider-Man, Dan Slott nearly made a big change to Swarm that was so ridiculous, it never made it to print.

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