Spider-Man Is Finally About To Confront His Worst Storyline

In a new preview for Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, it appears as though Spider-Man is finally going to remember his deal with the devil in One More Day

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #74

In a new preview for Marvel’s upcoming and final issue of Amazing Spider-Man from Nick Spencer, it looks as though Peter Parker will finally face his past with One More Day, as has been teased for several issues. Featuring a flashback involving Harry Osborn and the demon lord Mephisto, it looks as though a reckoning is coming for the Webslinger, and Spider-Man will likely be forced to remember the dark deal he made that corrupted his soul, resulting in one of the most controversial moments of his entire superhero career.

In the aftermath of Marvel’s Civil War event, Spider-Man’s secret identity as Peter Parker was public knowledge and resulted in Aunt May being shot by Spider-Man’s enemies. However, Peter and his wife Mary Jane were approached by Mephisto, who offered to save May provided they give up their marriage. Agreeing to his terms, Aunt May was saved with Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage and relationship being erased, seeing vast chunks of Spider-Man’s history being retconned away as a massive reset for the character. This included the resurrection of Harry Osborn, who had died years ago as the Green Goblin. However, Harry being brought back had dark consequences, as he’s been revealed as Spider-Man’s newest foe Kindred who’s been attempting to get Peter to remember his past sins and his dark deal that Mephisto made him forget.

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