Spawn Is The Best Mortal Kombat Action Figure

McFarlane Toys makes Mortal Kombat action figures. Spawn, the comic book character created by McFarlane Toys founder Todd McFarlane, is a fighter in Mortal Kombat 11. So now there’s a Mortal Kombat-branded Spawn action figure. He’s adorable.

To be fair, I’ve not gotten a chance to play with the other two $20 figures in McFarlane’s Mortal Kombat line, Johnny Cage and Raiden, but I have faith that the company behind Spawn can make a damn fine Spawn action figure. They’ve been doing it for ages now. I’m just tickled that a toy of Spawn from the makers of Spawn is showing up in a non-Spawn toy line.

I’ve been collecting Spawn figures since 1994, when the figures weren’t as complex and every now and then one would be painted gold to piss off collectors. There’s something about Spawn’s design that’s so appealing to me as a toy collector. He’s black, white, and red all over. He’s got that awesome living cape. One of his boots is ginormous for no reason whatsoever. He’s the ’90s in action figure form.

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