Sophia Hammons & Christian J. Simon Interview: Under Wraps

Under Wraps stars Sophia Hammons and Christian J. Simon chat about updating the first Disney Channel Original Movie for 2021 in the new remake.

Just in time for Halloween month, Disney is updating its first Disney Channel Original Movie: Under Wraps. The fun and creepy adventure first premiered in 1997, and its 2021 remake will land on the Disney Channel October 1. The story follows three small-town kids – Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy – who befriend a living mummy who wishes to be returned to his sarcophagus.

What starts as a silly investigation into their creepy neighbor’s basement soon becomes a genuine run for their lives. Not only do they have to protect their new undead friend “Harold” (Phil Wright) from criminals, but they must also figure out how to sneak him back into the museum without alerting Marshall’s (Malachi Barton, Dora and the Lost City of Gold) parents. The mission requires all of Amy’s (Sophia Hammons) leadership abilities forces Gilbert (Christian J. Simon, Sydney to the Max) to learn how to let go of his fears.

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